Image "Il Castello di Narciso" (The Castle of Narcissus)
Sonia Bergamasco and Emanuele Arciuli
Staging conceived by Nicolas Bovey
Producted by TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa
Performed in Torino at Remains of the Temple of Diana, The Reggia of Venaria - 2 July 2021

La Venaria Reale
Dante, Borges e Cage, ipotesi di un sogno
(DANTE BY WAY OF. Dante, Borges and Cage, a hypothetical dream)

Sonia Bergamasco and Emanuele Arciuli
Performed in Savona at Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa, Fortezza del Priamar - 1 July 2021

Image "Pierino e il lupo" (Peter and the Wolf)
Narrator, Sonia Bergamasco
Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice
Conductor, Alvise Casellati
Performed (on streaming) Venice, Teatro La Fenice - 25 December 2020

"Il teatro dei sogni" interview by Elisabetta Gardin, VeneziaNews
YouTube Channel
Teatro La Fenice
Image "Contrappunti lunari" (Lunar Counterpoint)
dialoghi semiseri sulla musica contemporanea (semi-serious dialogues on contemporary music)

from an idea by Emanuele Arciuli and Sonia Bergamasco
Performed in Reggio Emilia at Teatro Ariosto, 13 November 2020

Sonia Bergamasco, narrator
Emanuele Arciuli, piano

Watch the video

"Lune e contrappunti per Arciuli e Bergamasco", by Gianni Gori - Musica, 4 June 2021
"A Reggio Emilia in streaming dal Teatro Ariosto Emanuele Arciuli e Sonia Bergamasco", by Angelo Curtolo - Il Sole 24ORE, 6 November 2020
Image "Paolina Leopardi racconta Mozart" (Paolina Leopardi talks about Mozart)
with Sonia Bergamasco and Marco Scolastra (at the piano)
a proposal by Nino Criscenti
dramaturgy by Sonia Bergamasco
texts by Paolina Leopardi
music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed in Recanati, Garden on the Hill of the Infinite - 28 August 2020

Photos by Francesco Fratta (Recanati - 28 August 2020)
The Program

Photos by Gianni Rossi (Mirandola - 18 October 2020)
Image Il Quaderno di Sonia (The Notebook by Sonia)
Texts by Sonia Bergamasco from “Il Quaderno” (The Notebook) - 2014
Music by Fabrizio de Rossi Re
Sonia Bergamasco: narrator
Fabrizio de Rossi Re: piano, narrator and melody
Fabio Battistelli: clarinet and bass clarinet
Performed in Città di Castello at Teatro degli Illuminati - 30 March 2019

Notes of "The Notebook by Sonia"
Image African Novels (EstOvest Festival)
Melodrama for narrator and string Quartet
with Sonia Bergamasco and NEXT-New Ensemble Xenia Turin
In collaboration with EstOvest Festival 2018
Original music by Orazio Sciortino
Performed in Camogli at Teatro Sociale - 19 October 2018

Teatro Sociale di Camogli
Museo Egizio
Image Apokàlypsis
Oratorio based on the Gospel of Saint John
Chorus and Children’s Chorus of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Italian National Army Band
Marcello Panni, director
Ciro Visco, Chorus Master
Elio de Capitani, St. John
Sonia Bergamasco, The Celestial Bride 
S.E Card. Gianfranco Ravasi, Introduction
Performed at 52° Spoleto Festival - 10 luglio 2009

Auditorium Parco della Musica - 14 May 2018
World premiere at 52° Spoleto Festival(2009) - Watch the video
Image "L'eco di un fantasma" (The Echo of a Ghost)
for female narrator, chorus and orchestra
by Azio Corghi

conductor Gérard Korsten
narrator Sonia Bergamasco
chorus master Donato Sivo
World premiere in Cagliari at Teatro Lirico - 3 November 2017

Teatro Lirico di Cagliari
Image "Metafisica dei tubi" (The Character of Rain)
based on texts by Amélie Nothomb
music by Nicola Campogrande
narrator, Sonia Bergamasco
piano, Emanuele Arciuli
Performed in Brescia at Teatro Grande - 28 March 2017

Read the introductory notes

Teatro Grande
750 and 330 years after their births

passages from The Divine Comedy and the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin

with Sonia Bergamasco
Sonig Tchakerian: violin
Anna Palumbo: percussion
conceived by Lorenzo Arruga
Performed in Vicenza at Teatro Olimpico - 29 May 2015
Image Mind the gap, Lady Shakespeare!
Original text in Italian by Monica Luccisano (inspired by William Shakespeare)
Music by J. Dowland, T. Hume, A. Ferrabosco, W. Byrd, M. Locke, O. Gibbons, G. Cascioli
With Sonia Bergamasco
Gianluca Cascioli, piano
Accademia Strumentale Italiana
Performed in Stresa Festival at Palazzo dei Congressi - 27 August 2014

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Image Cruci-Verba (Cross-Word) by Azio Corghi - 2012
for narrator, chorus and orchestra
Italian-Swiss Orchestra
Swiss Radio-Television Chorus
Narrator: Sonia Bergamasco
Performed in Lugano at Auditorium RSI - 23 March 2012

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Image Pochi avvenimenti, felicità assoluta
scene da un matrimonio - 2010
(Few events, utterly happy
scenes from a marriage

with Sonia Bergamasco and EsTrio
music by Clara and Robert Schumann
original dramaturgy by Maria Grazia Calandrone
Performed in Milano at MITO Festival - 9 September 2010

Read the artists’ notes
Image Sur le tombeau d’Hayden | Seven Follies
(Sur le tombeau d’Hayden | Sette follie)

on a theme concerning Franz Joseph on the occasion of the bicentennial of his presumed demise
Interpreters: Sonia Bergamasco, Veronika Egger, Marcello Fera
Music by: Lucio Gregoretti, Stefano Taglietti, Vito Palumbo, Mario Pagotto, Fabrizio De Rossi Re, Marcello Fera
Texts by: Giorgio Somalvico
Performed in Bolzano at Conservatorio "Sala Michelangeli" - 26 November 2009

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Image Enoch Arden
by Alfred Lord Tennyson translated and adapted by Bruno Cagli
Melodrama for narrator and piano Op.38 by Richard Strauss, 2009
narrator, Sonia Bergamasco
piano, Emanuele Arciuli
Performed in Turin at Conservatorio "Verdi" - 14 January 2009

Read parts of Luigi Pestelli’s review
Image Oggetto d’amore (Object of Love)
by Mauro Cardi, texts by Pasquale Panella
Performed at 52nd Venice Music Biennale - October 2008

Read the interview
Image Façade
by William Walton

Listen to the full concert
Image Quattro pezzi elettroacustici (Four Electroacoustic Pieces) on poems by Giovanni Pascoli
Pascoli Prize, San Mauro Pascoli, 2003
Festival Aterforum, Ferrara, 2007
Performed in Santarcangelo di Romagna - July 2003

Read the introduction by Luigi Ceccarelli
Listen to The Chilly Little Bird
Image Her death!
by Azio Corghi, text by Quirino Principe
Performed in Turin at Auditorium Rai (RAI National Symphony Orchestra) - 31 March 2006

Image Le due regine (The Two Queens)
a musical fairytale for children by Azio Corghi, text by Dario Moretti - Teatro Bibiena, Mantova, 2006
Performed in Mantova at Festival "Segni d'infanzia" - 12 November 2006

Watch the video
Image ... poudre d’Ophelia! (… Ophelia’s Face Powder!)
for narrator-singer and string orchestra
dedicated to Sonia Bergamasco
Performed in Cagliari at Teatro Lirico - 27 April 2003

Listen to an excerpt from ”...Ophelia’s Face Powder!”
Read part of the article published in Amadeus Magazine
Image Gilda, mia Gilda! (Gilda, my Gilda) - 2001
(to say nothing of Rigoletto)

Melologue for narrator and string quintet based on a text by Vittorio Sermonti
by Michele Dall'Ongaro

Read the review