For Sonia, the voice is not a choice; it is a necessary, a biological destiny, a kind of happy but painful teething which has now accompanied her for many years. It is an echolalic and onomatopoeis joy which she cultivates both within, and in opposition to, her profession as an actress. She in an Alice who has fallen into the style-less inferno of these obtuse times and I would like to salute her without words, with a chattering of teeth, a grunt, a laugh or a sneeze. Her vocation bewitches and consoles us, revealing to us the irresistible enchantment of the outmoded and neglected treasures that we all possess...without even knowing it.
Giuseppe Bertolucci

Image "Contrappunti lunari" (Lunar Counterpoint)
dialoghi semiseri sulla musica contemporanea (semi-serious dialogues on contemporary music)

from an idea by Emanuele Arciuli and Sonia Bergamasco
Performed in Reggio Emilia at Teatro Ariosto, 13 November 2020

Sonia Bergamasco, narrator
Emanuele Arciuli, piano

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"Lune e contrappunti per Arciuli e Bergamasco", by Gianni Gori - Musica, 4 June 2021
"A Reggio Emilia in streaming dal Teatro Ariosto Emanuele Arciuli e Sonia Bergamasco", by Angelo Curtolo - Il Sole 24ORE, 6 November 2020