Few events, utterly happy
scenes from a marriage

The concert-show we are presenting today springs from the names of Clara and Robert Schumann and interweaves an original poetic text for the theater with a musical dramaturgy invented and articulated to complete this text and put it in operation. In the words of Clara at her husband’s bedside shortly before his death, the human and spiritual adventure of a pre-destined encounter emerge, in which only the vivid, wrenching voice of the music keeps alive the presence-absence of Robert, by now reduced to silence. One voice, that of the music, which sometimes insinuates itself into the text and sometimes surfaces impetuously to re-evoke Schumann’s multiform emotional personality. The structural dynamics between text and music, the constant tightly-knit dialogue between them, and the scenic articulation of the piece were “orchestrated” by the four soloists onstage today, in a series of lively and “reckless” rehearsals (we all had an urgent desire to experiment!), with the valuable contribution of Antonella Agati, who very much wanted us to meet, who followed the birth of the piece and who curated its visual realization with passion. To Maria Grazia Calandrone, the magnificent author of the text, goes all our appreciation for responding with such enthusiasm to our “commission” with a work of profound musicality.

Sonia Bergamasco, Laura Gorna, Laura Manzini, Cecilia Radic