Image Late Hour Scratching Poetry
Text from Alda Merini
Reading by Sonia Bergamasco
Soundscape + DJ set by Demetrio Castellucci
3 July 2022

Biennale Teatro 2022 - Venice, Arsenale
Biennale Teatro 2022 - 50th International Theatre Festival
Image Storie in carne e ossa (Stories in Flesh and Blood))
Sonia Bergamasco and Maria Grazia Calandrone talk about the Art of Word
24 August 2021

San Ginesio (Macerata), Chiostro Sant'Agostino - Ginesio Fest
Ginesio Fest
Image Quando vedrete il mio caro amore (When You See My Dear Loved One)
Sonia Bergamasco reads "Deposto il nome", a poem by Maria Grazia Calandrone
14 February 2021

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Image "Sylvia Plath, il canto allo specchio" (Sylvia Plath, the song to the mirror)
Conceived and performed by Sonia Bergamasco
based on works of Sylvia Plath
L'Aquila, Auditorium del Parco - Aria Teatro Festival - 8 October 2020

Image Sonia Bergamasco reads Emily Dickinson

"La lontananza č matrice di dolcezza" (Distance is the matrix of sweetness)
Musical interludes by clarinetist Aljaž Beguš
Mantova, Piazza Sordello - 4 July 2020


"Affinché nessun'ape possa vantarsene" (Lest any Bee should boast))
Terni, Carsulae - Umbria Green Festival - 18 September 2020

Image Sonia Bergamasco reads Carol Ann Duffy

Listen "Freddo"
Listen "Euridice"

Image Wislawa Szymborska
"Ritrattodi donna" (Portrait of a Woman)
Rome, Artcity a Castel Sant'Angelo - 2 September 2017


laRepubblica Videos
"Improvvisazioni teatrali" (Theatre Impressions)
"La Gioia di scrivere" (The Joy of Writing)
"Ringraziamento" (A 'Thank You' Note)
"Il gatto in un appartamento vuoto" (Cat in an empty apartment)

Image Amelia Rosselli

Ricordando la poesia di Syilvia Plath e Amelia Rosselli (In Memory of Syilvia Plath and Amelia Rosselli's Poetry
by Adriano Ercolani, minima&moralia - 11 February 2019

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Salmo della gioventů (The Psalm of Youth)
Concert of verses freely adapted from poetry by Amelia Rosselli
Performed in Bologna, Giardino della Memoria - 3 July 2014

The Psalm of Youth

Sonia Bergamasco reads "La libellula" (The Dragonfly)
Speciale Gruppo 63 - 18 October 2013

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Sonia Bergamasco talks about Amelia Rosselli - 23 January 2014

Variazioni per Amelia e altro ancora (Variations for Amelia and Other Things)
a concert in verse by Sonia Bergamasco

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Croce e delizia (Torment and Delight)
the voices of Sandro Penna and Amelia Rosselli in concert
Performed in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, 21 February 2008

Croce e delizia
Image The Frenzy of Orlando according Sonia Bergamasco

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Image Dante Alighieri

"DANTE BY WAY OF". Dante, Borges and Cage, a hypothetical dream
Sonia Bergamasco and Emanuele Arciuli
Performed in Savona at Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa, Fortezza del Priamar - 1 July 2021

Sonia Bergamasco reads Canto 33 from Dante’s Paradiso
Performed in Rome at Santuario di San Salvatore in Lauro - 1 December 2016
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"Dante and Bach, an encounter 750 and 330 years after their births"
passages from The Divine Comedy and the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin
Performed in Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico - 29 May 2015

“Dante al Bardini", Sonia Bergamasco reads Inferno XIII”
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"Le sante corde dei canti" ("The Sacred Strings of Cantos")
a journey through The Divine Comedy
Performed in Lucera at the Festival of Mediterranean Literature, 13 September 2008
The program
Image Attilio Bertolucci e Pier Paolo Pasolini, un'amicizia in versi
(Attilio Bertolucci and Pier Paolo Pasolini, a friendship in verses) - 2011

Conceived by Fabrizio Gifuni
With Sonia Bergamasco and Fabrizio Gifuni