Image Louise e Renée
from Mémoires de deux jeunes mariées by Honoré de Balzac
Dramaturgy, Stefano Massini
Director, Sonia Bergamasco
With Federica Fracassi and Isabella Ragonese
Sets, Marco Rossi
Costumes, Gianluca Sbicca
Lighting design, Cesare Accetta
Produced by Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa

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Piccolo Teatro Grassi
Il ballo (The Ball)
a staged story conceived and performed by Sonia Bergamasco

loosely based on “Il Ballo (The Ball)” by Irène Némirovsky

lighting design Cesare Accetta
scene Barbara Petrecca
costume Giovanna Buzzi

"Notes on The Ball" by Sonia Bergamasco
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Teatro Franco Parenti

Il ballo (The Ball) - preparatory study (2013)
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Image Il trentesimo anno (The Thirtieth Year)

a staged story freely adapted from The Thirtieth Year by Ingeborg Bachmann
from an idea by Sonia Bergamasco

Teatro Franco Parenti
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Image Esse di Salomè ("S" as in Salomè)
Sound theater by Mallarmè
Artistic conception and dramaturgy by Sonia Bergamasco and Francesco Giomi
Performance: Sonia Bergamasco
Sound design and direction: Damiano Meacci
Live electronics: Francesco Canavese
Lights: Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
Sets: Lorenzo Pazzagli
Performed at the Tempo Reale Festival 2009 - Cango, Firenze - 6 / 7 October 2009

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Read the review by Domenico Rigotti in Hystrio – January 2011
Notes by the Artist