"(...) If there was an Oscar for Italian theater, this golden-haired actress with the figure of a Grecian goddess would have won it. She is unrivaled on stage. She embodies the union of art and excellence, perfection and refined beauty."
Fermata Spettacolo

Image Chi ha paura di Virginia Woolf? (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
directed by Antonio Latella
with Sonia Bergamasco, Vinicio Marchioni, Ludovico Fededegni, Paola Giannini
dramaturgy by Linda Dalisi
sets by Annelisa Zaccheria
costumes by Graziella Pepe
musics and sound by Franco Visioli
lights by Simone De Angelis
assistant art project, Brunella Giolivo
voluntary assistant director, Giulia Odetto

produced by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria with a special contribution of Brunello Foundation and Federica Cucinelli
a special thanks to Comune di Spoleto

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