Poets seem to forget that, at one time, the telling of a tale was essential, and the telling of the tale and the uttering of the verse were not thought of as different things. A man told a tale; he sang it; and his hearers did not think of him as a man attempting two tasks, but rather as a man attempting one task that had two sides to it. Or perhaps they did not feel that there were two sides to it, but rather thought of the whole thing as one essential thing... [I]f the telling of a tale and the singing of a verse could come together again, then a very important thing might happen.
Walter Pater wrote that all art aspires to the condition of music. The obvious reason (I speak as a layman of course) would be that, in music, form and substance cannot be torn asunder. (...read more)
From “The Telling of the Tale” in This Craft of Verse, by Jorge Luis Borges

Image L'uomo seme (The Seed Giver) - from 16 to 21 January 2018

a staged story, conceived and directed by Sonia Bergamasco
from L'uomo seme (The Seed Giver) by Violette Ailhaud (translation by Monica Capuani)

Sonia Bergamasco
Rodolfo Rossi
Loredana Savino
Gabriella Schiavone
Maristella Schiavone
Teresa Vallarella

sets and costumes Barbara Petrecca
lights Cesare Accetta
movement coach Elisa Barucchieri

produced by Teatro Franco Parenti and Sonia Bergamasco
special thanks to Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and Municipality of Lucera

Triennale di Milano