"(...) If there was an Oscar for Italian theater, this golden-haired actress with the figure of a Grecian goddess would have won it. She is unrivaled on stage. She embodies the union of art and excellence, perfection and refined beauty."
Fermata Spettacolo

Image L'uomo seme (The Seed Giver)

a staged story, conceived and directed by Sonia Bergamasco
from L'uomo seme (The Seed Giver) by Violette Ailhaud (translation by Monica Capuani)

musical dramaturgy, Rodolfo Rossi and vocal quartet Faraualla
with: Sonia Bergamasco, Rodolfo Rossi, Loredana Savino, Gabriella Schiavone, Maristella Schiavone, Teresa Vallarella
sets and costumes Barbara Petrecca
lights Cesare Accetta
movement coach Elisa Barucchieri
assistant director, Mariangela Berardi
costumes created in the Teatro Franco Parenti costume shop, directed by Simona Dondoni
produced by Teatro Franco Parenti and Sonia Bergamasco
special thanks to Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and Municipality of Lucera

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Triennale di Milano

Dates 2018-2019
Dates 2017-2018