[...] Tutti Pazzi Per Amore (Everyone’s Crazy for Love), the TV series directed by Riccardo Milani, is based on a story by Ivan Cotroneo.
Before I finally managed to see it, a week ago, everybody had already talked to me about it: the guy who owns the bar downstairs, my brother,
a writer friend, another writer friend, and even (as chance would have it) my neighbor across the hall.
They all were spot on: the actors are terrific (all of them – from Sonia Bergamasco, my favorite, to Natoli), the use of music more pop than pop as punctuation is a brilliant idea, we fall in love with Neri Marcoré’s character the minute we see him, and above all, it’s like watching an American production, from the snappy dialogue and reactions to the highly likely date with the unlikely.[...]
Chiara Gamberale - scrittrice

"La scelta di Maria" (The choice of Maria) - 4 November 2022 in prime time on Rai3
docufilm directed by Francesco Miccichè
with Sonia Bergamasco, Cesare Bocci, Alessio Vassallo

Produced by Anele in collaboration with Rai Cinema
In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the city of Aquileia, and the Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Produced by Gloria Giorgianni