sonia bergamasco

Enoch Arden

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

translated and adapted by Bruno Cagli

Melodrama for narrator and piano Op.38 by Richard Strauss, 2009
narrator: Sonia Bergamasco
piano: Emanuele Arciuli

Performed in Turin at Conservatorio "Verdi" - 14 January 2009

“Ms. Bergamasco and Mr. Arciuli revive an unknown Strauss”

Little-known music that is all substance, good taste and intelligent interpretation; a concert lasting just over an hour with no intermission can contain more artistic ideas than one lasting for three. Thus it was for the Unione Musicale when pianist Emanuele Arciuli joined with the voice (and the delightful presence) of Sonia Bergamasco to perform Enoch Arden, the melodrama for narrator and piano by Richard Strauss… ...Strauss composed Enoch Arden in 1897, basing it upon the German translation of a heartrending poem by Lord Tennyson, presented here in an effective adaptation by Bruno Cagli. Ms. Bergamasco is superb at embodying the characters and varying the narrative tones, and the synchronicity with the piano part is so perfect as to prompt Quirino Principe’s impression that it is “perfect background music for a silent film.”


Giorgio Pestelli – Torino Conservatorio G. Verdi