sonia bergamasco

Probably Love

directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci - 2001


With: Sonia Bergamasco, Rosalinda Celentano, Fabrizio Gifuni, Teco Celio, Elisabetta Carta, Carmen Scarpitta, Marcello Catalano, Alida Valli, Mariangela Melato, Stefania Sandrelli


Distribution: Istituto Luce Italia
Screenplay: Giuseppe Bertolucci
Cinematography: Fabio Cianchetti
Editing: Federica Lang
Costumes: Grazia Colombini
Scenography: Gianni Silvestri
Production: Navert Film, with the contribution of Ministero della Cultura

"To discover, day after day, the talent of an actress, the hidden treasure of her resources, is the most wonderful adventure that can befall a director: it’s like being an astronomer at the telescope who chances upon a brand-new celestial body.
And yet she was always there, with those elfin eyes, that Mozart in her voice… all the leading characters in this film have achieved a ‘liminal’ experience (one at the confines between private life and the character) but what Sonia Bergamasco has dared to do – like an acrobat on the wire, without ever losing sight of the coordinates of the real and the imaginary – seems to me to be something very rare. I filmed her with admiration and delight. And gratitude.”

Giuseppe Bertolucci (from the director’s notes)