sonia bergamasco

The Miraculous White Monkey

the story of a woman, at dawn, on the summit of a mountain

text by Maria Grazia Calandrone
performed by Sonia Bergamasco, with percussionist Rodolfo Rossi

Performed at Festival I Suoni delle Dolomiti, Catinaccio (Dolomiti Trentine) - 30 July 2011

A woman alone at dawn on the summit of a real mountain: a miracle-working creature that transforms pain (one’s own) into healing (other people’s). A saint that speaks like an animal: a monkey, a wolf, a mother that stays in the background, because distance creates miracles. The things that happen in Sonia Bergamasco’s voice take place in the reckless bend between poetry and howling: her woman’s voice begins in human verse and ends in the neutrality of animal cries; or rather, it ends up honestly and joyfully in the direct song of nature.

Maria Grazia Calandrone